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Storing and retrieving glass slides is one of the greatest challenges in histopathology.

Often when you need to retrieve slides from a previous specimen, it is difficult to locate the slides, the stains may have faded, or in some cases slides may have broken. PROLIV DigiPath now makes this easy, for both patients and labs/hospitals. We offer a seamless digitization service whereby your histopathology slides are scanned and copied on a pen drive to create a permanent digital copy for the patient. For hospitals, we store the digitized slides on a high capacity server, with secure access for hospital staff. The slides can be retrieved by authorized personnel for follow up cases, teaching, and EQAS purposes.

If you are an individual and would like to get your histopathology slides digitized please send us a WhatsApp message on +91 86575 30643 and we will be in touch with you.

If you are looking to avail of digitization services for your medical institution please email us on info@prolivdigipath.com and our representative will be in touch with you shortly with all details including pricing and duration of storage.

Disadvantages of Glass Slides

  • Physical storage space
  • Cumbersome to retrive the slide
  • Possibilities of Slides breaking
  • Quality of staining of slides deteriorate with time

Advantages of Digital Slides Storage

  • No physical storage space
  • Very easy to retrive with a click of a button and with password protected
  • No issue of breaking of slides
  • No image deterioration with time
  • Great tool for teaching without making additional slides

Additional Benefits

  • Can be shared online for second opinion
  • Can be used for online teaching
  • No need to make multiple glass slides for conducting seminars
  • Multiple people can view in situation with insufficient tissue for multiple sectioning.
  • Multiple digital slides from one slide for online teaching
  • Multiple digital images of different stains can be simultaneously viewed on the same monitor for better comparison
  • Digitisation allows annotation & use of algorithms
  • Microscopes are not required to view the slides and can be viewed on computer screens or Mobile phones thus making it much more accesible
  • Digital slides can be accessed online anytime from anywhere 24x7.
  • Digital slides can be used by pharma companies for reasearch & development of algorithms & Artificial Intelligence(AI)