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Pre Analytical from Leica Biosystems

Scanner Leica Aperio AT2, 400 Slider Scanner

HistoCore Pearl – Tissue Processor

The HistoCore Pearl is designed to enable tissue processing, performing all steps from fixation to wax infiltration. It is normally processed in sequential mode, which means that the instrument is strictly using one bottle after the other.

The HistoCore Pearl is a tissue processor for the following applications:

  • Fixation
  • Dehydration
  • Infiltration with intermedium
  • Paraffin infiltration

Of histological tissue specimens.

HistoCore Arcadia H - Paraffin Embedding Station

The HistoCore Arcadia H is a modern paraffin embedding station with a microprocessor control system. The HistoCore Arcadia H is designed for embedding histological tissue specimens in molten paraffin for use in pathology laboratories.

HistoCore Arcadia C - Cold Plate

The HistoCore Arcadia C is a cold plate for chilling and blocking out histological tissue samples in paraffin blocks.

HistoCore Multicut - Rotary Microtome

The HistoCore Multicut is a semi-motorized (motorized specimen feeding), manually operated rotation microtome specifically designed for creating thin sections of human tissue specimens of varying hardness for histological medical diagnosis, e.g. cancer diagnosis. It is intended for sectioning soft and hard human specimens, as long they are suitable for benign cut manually.

Leica HI1210 - Water Bath

The Leica HI1210 is a paraffin flotation bath for flattening and drying cut tissue samples used in all fields of biomedical research and routine diagnostics.

Leica HI1220 - Flattening Table

The HI1220 microscope slide flattening table for paraffin sections is a heating plate with high heat output and precise temperature control. The HI1220 is suitable for flattening and drying cut tissue sample in all fields of biomedical research and routine diagnostics.

Leica Autostainer XL (ST5010) - Automated slide stainer

The Leica Autostainer XL (ST5010) is an IVD (in-vitro diagnostics) instrument. The Leica Autostainer XL (ST5010) is a stainer for laboratory applications and intended for the preparation of histological and cytological tissue samples.

Leica CM1520 - Cryostat

The Leica CM1520 is a high-performance cryostat for routine and research applications in the fields of biology, medical and industry. The instrument is used to freeze and section specimen material quickly.