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Life -saving Diagnosis matters
Digital platform with a promise of life

Cancer is a very complex disease with rapid advancements taking place in the way we diagnose or treat it. So it becomes imperative that a second opinion is sought to have a better understanding of this complex disease which in turn can help us to make an informed decision about the treatment plan. A precise diagnosis is the first stepping stone to correct & effective treatment.

A second opinion at this stage may confirm the diagnosis or offer an alternative diagnosis with some additional information.

  • The current practice of biopsy tissue reporting is to send it to a Histopathologist who is generalised & reporting all the regions from head to toe.
  • Since the tissue, block or slides are physically to be sent there are limitations to whom to send.
  • However, Digital Histopathology has revolutionised the process and now allows it to be sent digitally anywhere in the world.
  • At PROLIV DigiPath we facilitate these processes & now send them to the best of super specialists Nationally & Internationally.
  • One can choose from our panel of the best histopathologists
  • We also facilitate reporting from renowned university hospitals or cancer centres anywhere in the world.

It can often be difficult to describe digital pathology without getting too technical. Following is a video produced by Nasjonal IKT in Norway. The three minute video does a wonderful job describing the many benefits of digital pathology.