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  • In past decade, molecular diagnostics was considered as the supporting diagnostics become in Oncology, infectious disease ,transplant and transfusion diagnostics.
  • In current decade, molecular diagnostics has become gold standard for diagnosis and conformation of illness. In present time we are moving towards predictive screening approach , so that informed, personalized and time bound interventions can be made to have healthy and joyful life.
  • Molecular diagnostics is one of important diagnostics branch in Oncology, infectious disease ,transplant, transfusion and even in genetic disorder diagnosis. With technological advancement like Next generation Sequencing (NGS), Molecular diagnostics is helping in diagnose of very rare disease (by whole exome / genome sequencing) and able to make informed, personalized and time bound interventions can be made.
  • Molecular profiling of samples is being carried out to have complete view of cancer at molecular level as techniques likes IHC and FISH may sometimes give borderline results.
  • With our molecular cancer care segment we are committed for early diagnosis of cancer as it is vital to improve the outcome of treatment and, therefore, prevent cancer related deaths, by using superior NGS (Next Generation Sequencing ) based test as compared to IHC/FISH.
  • Our cancer care NGS panels can provide the necessary insights for assessing therapy response, deciding personalize therapy and detecting minimal residual disease to asses treatment response.
  • With help of our cell free NGS panels for breast, lung & colon cancer, need for invasive biopsies can be reduced , with simple blood test.

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