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Why Digital Histopathology

Digital pathology will benefit the patients the most as it facilitates getting a second opinion with ease from the world's experts thus providing the best outcome of cancer therapy.

Patients' Perspective

  • Get second opinion reports within 72 hours from expert sub-specialised histopathologists as well as from renowned leading cancer institutes, national or international.
  • Hassle free : No need to physically courier blocks & slides.
  • From anywhere in the world & no more restricted to a few select histopathologists.
  • Second opinion either reassures that the primary diagnosis of sub type of the cancer was correct & authenticated by 2 different histopathologists or it may differ from primary report which will help doctor to decide right mode of treatment approach.

Doctors' Perspective

  • Whole slide imaging to ensure complete transfer of tissue
  • Advanced IHC staining & integration of molecular genomics to support clinical decisions & thus better treatment outcome in cancer patients.
  • Live screen sharing with global experts in challenging cases
  • Integrated analytical algorithms to aid diagnosis.
  • Archive slides of positive cases & retrieve them with a click of a button for future comparison & follow up.
  • Distribution of digital slides for teaching as well as for EQAS programs.

A digital platform with a promise for life

  • Hassle-free: No need to physically courier blocks and slides

  • Review of your histopathology slide by international doctors at world's leading cancer centers

  • Second opinion from histopathology experts within 72 hrs

  • Advanced IHC with image analytics to support your clinician in making the right decisions for treating your cancer