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Training & Pharma

NM ProlivDigipath has a special fully euipped training centre at NM Inspira in South Mumbai.

Tumour Board

Multidisciplinary tumor boards provide an interdisciplinary approach for decision-making in cancer care. They have evolved to become an integral part of cancer treatment planning and are widely considered the “gold standard” of cancer care delivery. NM Inspira provides a vastly improved tumour board experience under the guidance of Dr. Shubada Kane, through its digital pathology platform- PROLIV DigiPath. Complex clinical situations in cancer can be presented to peers with expertise and experience in cancer care using a web-based platform. In addition to assisting with treatment decisions for individual patients, the process reinforces the importance of multidisciplinary treatment decision making, and provides an excellent opportunity for participants to learn from collective experience and expertise of a large number of oncologists.

Training & Enrolment

PROLIV DigiPath invites you to embark on a digital journey, transforming the way you practice histopathology. Our goal is to ensure that a large percentage of histopathologists transition from analog to digital reporting and adopt digital pathology as their primary medium of reporting.

The transition from analog to digital can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on sub specialty of the histopathologist, amount of time dedicated to training, and access to a structured training program.

To this end we have collaborated with our global partners to create training modules to adopt digital pathology in your practice.

These are a combination of online and offline modules that can be completed even if you are occupied during some part of the day with your existing clinical practice.

The offline modules and hands on experiential sessions are conducted at our training and education centre at Marine Lines, NM Inspira.

Send Whatsapp on + 91 86575 30463 to get more details on training options, training certificates (once you complete the training), and collaborative opportunities for storing slides and seeking second opinions.


Pharma Companies using Digital Pathology in its entire discovery and development pipeline with the goal to optimize treatments.